Sid Press Release, 05/24/2016

Sid - The app for secure team communication is now available for iPhone on the App Store.

With the official release of the iPhone version, the secure team chat software Sid is now available for all major smartphone and desktop operating systems.

Berlin, Germany – 05/24/2016: The Berlin-based startup Spherebox releases the iPhone version of Sid, a software for secure and more efficient team communication. With the release on the Apple App Store the software solution is now available for the four main platforms iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac.

WhatsApp has just set a benchmark by introducing end-to-end encryption for private messaging, to everyone. But with the new focus on encrypting social conversations, the question arises why one would take considerably less care in how to conduct professional day to day team communication. Shouldn't be sending back and forth messages to colleagues or negotiating partners be handled with even greater care?

Sid allows you exactly that, and more - on your mobile and desktop device. The application was specifically developed to guarantee maximum data security for team communication. In contrast to storing everything in the cloud, Sid relies on end-to-end encryption in a decentralized network to ensure maximum data security for your business operation.

In this network, Sid merely supplies the connection between the devices while the actual data is shared with chosen users linked to each other over a peer-to-peer network. Data or chats over this network are only in the hands of those with permission and can not be read by anyone else.

„The right to privacy has been bolstered by the recent implementation of end-to-end encryption in the field of instant messaging. It is a development which has been overlooked, when it comes to secure team communication. With Sid we are closing that gap.“ says Toine Diepstraten CTO of Spherebox UG.

Secure team communication is essential for journalists and lawyers who handle a great deal of sensitive information. But it is also important for everyone dealing with contracts, sales figures and balance sheets, pending patents or general information subject to protection of privacy, who should protect their data, by only transmitting over a secure network.

Sid also synchronizes with all of your connected devices. This way you can start a chat on your smartphone or tablet and finish it on your desktop computer without missing a thing!

Easy and simple team communication: Download Sid for free!
For iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows:


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Sid – Encrypted Team Communication is a product of Spherebox UG. Spherebox UG was founded in 2015 in Berlin. The core team members are Toine Diepstraten, Nils Krüger, Henri Hagenow and Klaus Voltmer. Their goal is to create an easy-to-use and efficient communication tool without compromising on data security.

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