End-to-End Secure Team Communication
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Sid combines encrypted group messaging and file transfer. Communicate in your team more secure and more efficient than via email.

Send large files faster thanks to a direct connection between the devices and our intelligent network detection.

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Sid is ...
  • Fast communication

    One-to-one or within groups.

  • Peer-to-peer file transfer

    Send files of any kind and size the fastest possible way.

  • Fast & easy setup

    Ready in seconds - no admin needed.

  • Your data always accessible

    Your files are stored locally and always accessible, even offline.

  • End-to-end encrypted team communication

    Every message and file is transferred encrypted from sender to receiver

  • For mobile & desktop

    Everything is kept in sync.

Sid is a secure teamwork tool to make your team communication safer, simpler and more efficient.

Protect your privacy!

Sid - Security from Germany, at the highest level

Security made in Germany, at the highest level

Through our encryption technology and our specially developed end-to-end encrypted transfer protocol, each sent message or file is protected against unauthorized insight. Since Sid works without a telephone number adjustment, only you decide with whom you are communicating with and who knows your Sid address.

Encrypted data storage on German servers

Sid fulfills the criteria of the European and German data protection laws and stores all cached messages and files end-to-end encrypted on German servers.

Sid - Encrypted data storage on German servers
Sid - Secure team communication in channels

Fast communication: One-to-One or within groups

Set up your team easily and start right away with secure messaging and file transfer. Sid is ready for use within a few seconds. Use it for private and team communication. Team contacts are exchanged with every new team member automatically.

Sid comes with structured communication in dedicated channels: Organize your team conversation and customize it to match your personal needs.

Peer-to-peer & local file transfer

Sid is using a decentralized peer-to-peer technology to transfer data without uploading to a server or cloud. Your data is routed the fastest possible way without taking detours and will use the local network if applicable.

Exchange files of any kind and size with individuals, teams and external contacts.

Sid is cloudless, fast and direct.

Available for mobile & desktop devices

Sid clients are available for desktop computers, notebooks, tablets and as native apps for iPhone and Android. You can use it on any operating system like your computer in the office or on your smartphone anywhere else.

Whatever you do on one device is reflected on all other devices, so everything is kept in sync.

How to pair devices...
Sid is cross plattform!
Sid is secure - from the ground up and by concept.

Security by design

Sid uses end-to-end encryption for every message and file transferred. The encryption keys are generated and stored on your devices only. Unlike other password driven systems, your private key is used for authorization and authentification.

When working with Sid, your data is safe and no third-parties can decipher the data while being transferred. No one will be able to read your messages or decrypt your files.

We only support clients that run on your device natively to ensure maximum security.

Read more about our encryption technology...
Sid is a secure data room.

Your data is always accessible

Your messages and files are stored locally and synchronized through all your devices, always accessible, even offline.

Sid keeps your team communication and data in a dedicated area separated from all your other documents.

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